131 Method Diet Review

The Beta Test Group - The Beginning

A long while back I kept seeing little ads for a beta test group that Chalene Johnson was putting on for a diet program on Facebook. After I caved in and joined I found that they had done this in a couple of rounds so they had a couple groups at different times. (It is an interesting concept of paying to be part of a test group, even though it was reasonable priced for what it was. You are pretty much paying them to be their guinea pig.) In the end it was done in two sections which were paid for separately (both still a relatively small cost). There was so much information coming at you, and for someone that likes to know the ins and outs of what information is out there, stuff from doctors, hospitals, dietitians, etc.  It seemed like a good amount of people were losing weight based on the program. After the beta test groups were done, they were going to go live with the full program. Being a beta tester we got a free membership for the first round …

MM.Lafleur Bento Box Review

So I have tried a Bento Box from MM. Lafleur twice now.  The first box that I received was okay, but just didn't hit the mark and I sent it all back.  They too realized that it just didn't happen for us and they offered to send me another box without the $25.00 fee.

As per the norm, they will charge you a $25 fee for the styling that will be put towards anything you buy from your box. This is a newer charge they have enacted that wasn't charged on my first one.

If you go to the MM.LaFleur website, you will see a nice variety of quality clothes. That was what I really was looking for. As I am trying to pick up my style and look more professional, I really need quality.  I'm posting this little bit from their website about them:

Sarah LaFleur was your typical woman in finance whose closet was packed with blah-feeling pantsuits. Back then, she dreamed of a more inspired wardrobe for herself and all professional women. When she launched MM.LaFleur in 2013, she made it her …

UPDATED on 1/19/17!! Trunk Club Review

Note:  Update to this review will be at the bottom of the original.

I live in Alaska. I'm not joking when I say that Alaska has been voted the worst dressed state. And it's true. There are of course some exceptions, but overall we are pretty in need of style. I moved up here about 18 years ago from Arizona.  Arizona has style. I was used to dressing up to go out or hang out with my friends. I wouldn't be caught dead without some light make up. Low and behold, after a few years up here.... I can go without makeup and only put on a full face for a serious occasion, I have crocs in my wardrobe (more than three pairs), hiking clothes are everyday wear, xtratuf boots are classics, if it didn't come from rei it looks like it did. Such was my life.

I noticed that when I travel, I try to pick up my style a bit so I didn't totally stand out. Especially going to Europe, but year after year, it appeared harder and harder. My wardrobe just didn't have what it took. And tha…

Walden Farms Review - Too Good to be True?

Lest I say that when I heard about Walden Farm's products I was super curious.  I looked for this stuff everywhere and could only find it at my over priced natural foods market and on amazon.  In general, I would say that most of the products were a bit over $5 each.  They have chocolate and carmel sauce, a variety of salad dressings, PB and Jam, Ketchup, and BBQ.  When you are cutting your diet and these things are no longer permissible, this is like finding the holy grail. (Insert singing angels here.)

I started this quest with a couple of salad dressings.  I bought the honey Dijon, the berry vinaigrette, and the ceasar.  The first one that I've tried was the ceasar. It was flavorful, but still not quite what the original is. When I looked at the ingredients, I saw that it was pretty much made up of spices, flavor, vinegar, and thickening agent.  As this has no calories, sugar, fat, but has a slight amount of sodium I saw this as a free food. I went a little heavy with the d…

Hawaiian Macaroni Potato Salad Recipe

Macaroni-Potato Salad From Hawaii Magazine
(Serves 8) ½ lb. macaroni
8 hard-cooked eggs
3 red potatoes, cooked and cubed
1 Tbsp. salt
1 Tbsp. vinegar
2 cups mayonnaise
½ tsp.     ground allspice
½ tsp.     pepper
1 package frozen peas, thawed and drained (10 oz.) Cook macaroni according to package directions; drain. Separate egg yolks from egg whites. In a small bowl, mash yolks and chill. Chop egg whites; put into a large bowl with macaroni and potatoes. Stir in salt and vinegar; chill overnight.

Add egg yolks and remaining ingredients; gently mix into macaroni mixture. Chill.

Nutrisystem Fast 5 - Day 7!!!! Review

It finally happened. The end of the Fast 5 is done.  I had my moments, but overall it wasn't really as hard as I thought it was going to be.  For cravings, the most difficult was in the evening after I've already had dinner.  There is that large amount of space where you would generally fill it with boredom eating or general snacking.  I know my husband did, which did not help me.  He was, however, really good about not buying me any wine to drink.  If it's in the house, I tend to make some excuse so it was better to remove it.

Water during the weekend was also a large challenge.  I ran out of my favorite flavoring which is the SweetLeaf Water Drops in the peach mango flavor.  It's sweetened with stevia and has no artificial ingredients. I could guzzle a gallon of water no problem.  I went to the store this morning and bought a handful so I wouldn't be caught without.

The meals overall were tasty and the shakes weren't bad either.  They could use a bit of thick…

Nutrisystem Fast 5 - Day 6 Review

It's Saturday, and I knew that the weekend was going to be a bit harder.  I reinforced to my husband that he's kind of the only one that knows I'm on this plan, because we were going out to see my parents.

I should rewind and admit that I completely slept in this morning.  We were planning on leaving by 10, which would have given me time to have breakfast, my break shake right before leaving and then lunch with the parents, getting back home for the second shake.  Didn't happen.  I got up late, made sure that I had my breakfast bar, which was the peanut butter granola bar.  It was about the size of the apple strudel and it was so thick.  It was tasty enough, but almost a pain in the tuckas to eat. Not a top pick.

Off we went a little after 10, and I made him stop off to get me a coffee. Is it just me or is Starbucks getting too big for it's britches.  The coffee was a disappointment, but it was what I had.  I took a couple waters with me, but this entire trip, my w…